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2010 Calendar

6 November, 2009

At last I’ve finally got around to uploading a couple of photos of my 2010 calendar. These have been available to buy online over at Austin Taylor Photography for some time – whilst there you can also see each of the 13 images I’ve included.

I’m absolutely delighted with the quality of the calendar, which is why I went back to the same printer again this year. It’s printed on a heavy silk paper with a 350gsm heavy card silk cover page. Even though printing costs rose sharply over the year I decided to again print it single sided on A3 landscape format, setting it apart from all other locally available calendars (as far as I know) and aiming for a distinct market. I decided against printing double sided, even though it would have lowered the cost slightly because I wanted to allow for the use of each of the images as stand alone images because I know that it will be sent to family and friends from Shetland in some far off places.

Clickimin Craft Fair 2009 is getting close

4 November, 2009

It’s now less than 10 days till the annual Shetland Arts and Crafts Fair at the Clickimin Centre in Lerwick. The official advert came through today at atp towers so I checked it was ok to post it here. “Of course” came the cheery reply, so here it is. Here at Austin Taylor Photography we’re all geared up for a busy three days at the event and, as ever, hope we’ve got the right stock that people want to see. This will be our third year at the event, which we enjoy a lot – it’s good to see so many friends at our stand and we always enjoy talking photographic techniques and opportunities. On top of that, we also manage to get a few special Christmas presents from some of the other craft producers on show at the event and this is also a plug for them too! Do come and see us if you can, otherwise you’ll miss out.

Shetland Craft Fair 2009 Advertisement

Shetland Arts and Crafts Association Craft Fair 2009 Advertisement

Photographs of Tin Sheds!

4 November, 2009

As part of the Shetland Arts “Mirrie Dancers” project to light up buildings and other features during this coming Winter in Shetland I have been taking photographs of some tin sheds. First, a few days ago, it was Voe for the official launch party. As I said below the weather wasn’t the best – but I managed to get a set of shots I was reasonably happy with. But a few days later, having studied my favourite weather page and the visible satellite pages, I gambled on the weather window being as good as forecast and set off for the couple of hour journey to Unst. All the way up and even when I arrived the weather still continued with the stong winds and blustery showers that had been a feature of the day. But then, as if by magic and almost exactly as forecast, the sky cleared and the so called “Frosty Moon” shone full. It was quite spooky, so soon after Halloween! I was able to get some great shots of the tin shed at Haroldswick, as well as the surrounding landscape, the Moon and a couple iof shots with Jupiter too.

On the way back from Unst I was able to stop off at Voe and get some more shots of the tin shed there, this time in much calmer conditions though, by this time there were a few rain showers again. All in all, though it made Monday a really long day, I had a great time tramping about doing what I enjoy.

Such a busy month!

4 November, 2009

October has been such a busy month that it’s been difficult to fit everything in and, with Christmas approaching fast, the pressure has really been on to get things tied up and in place! On the photograph taking front there have been a few opportunities to photograph nearly all of the planets this month, especially since there were a number of very nice conjunctions (where two or more planets or the Moon move close to each other). Most of these involved early mornings (Mercury, Venus and Saturn with the Moon) though Mars and Jupiter, both with the Moon were evening events. We were also lucky enough to get some nice shots of Jupiter and its moons too.

Next, Austin Taylor Photography was appointed official Photographer for the Mirrie Dancers Winter Illuminations project, running right through the winter until March 2010 so, on 22 October it was off to Voe for the first launch party and lighting event. The night started off a bit wet, which meant that the raindrops scattered the lights somewhat but as the weather improved and the rain stopped the overall effect became clearer showing its true colours and originality of thought behind the concept. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the other illuminations over the coming days and weeks.

Towards the end of the month the old Esplanade public toilets in Lerwick were demolished – not the most glamourous event to attend but we managed to snap off a few record shots for posterity – I’m told those toilets won awards in the past!