Clickimin Craft Fair 2009 is getting close

It’s now less than 10 days till the annual Shetland Arts and Crafts Fair at the Clickimin Centre in Lerwick. The official advert came through today at atp towers so I checked it was ok to post it here. “Of course” came the cheery reply, so here it is. Here at Austin Taylor Photography we’re all geared up for a busy three days at the event and, as ever, hope we’ve got the right stock that people want to see. This will be our third year at the event, which we enjoy a lot – it’s good to see so many friends at our stand and we always enjoy talking photographic techniques and opportunities. On top of that, we also manage to get a few special Christmas presents from some of the other craft producers on show at the event and this is also a plug for them too! Do come and see us if you can, otherwise you’ll miss out.

Shetland Craft Fair 2009 Advertisement

Shetland Arts and Crafts Association Craft Fair 2009 Advertisement

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