Photographs of Tin Sheds!

As part of the Shetland Arts “Mirrie Dancers” project to light up buildings and other features during this coming Winter in Shetland I have been taking photographs of some tin sheds. First, a few days ago, it was Voe for the official launch party. As I said below the weather wasn’t the best – but I managed to get a set of shots I was reasonably happy with. But a few days later, having studied my favourite weather page and the visible satellite pages, I gambled on the weather window being as good as forecast and set off for the couple of hour journey to Unst. All the way up and even when I arrived the weather still continued with the stong winds and blustery showers that had been a feature of the day. But then, as if by magic and almost exactly as forecast, the sky cleared and the so called “Frosty Moon” shone full. It was quite spooky, so soon after Halloween! I was able to get some great shots of the tin shed at Haroldswick, as well as the surrounding landscape, the Moon and a couple iof shots with Jupiter too.

On the way back from Unst I was able to stop off at Voe and get some more shots of the tin shed there, this time in much calmer conditions though, by this time there were a few rain showers again. All in all, though it made Monday a really long day, I had a great time tramping about doing what I enjoy.

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