Such a busy month!

October has been such a busy month that it’s been difficult to fit everything in and, with Christmas approaching fast, the pressure has really been on to get things tied up and in place! On the photograph taking front there have been a few opportunities to photograph nearly all of the planets this month, especially since there were a number of very nice conjunctions (where two or more planets or the Moon move close to each other). Most of these involved early mornings (Mercury, Venus and Saturn with the Moon) though Mars and Jupiter, both with the Moon were evening events. We were also lucky enough to get some nice shots of Jupiter and its moons too.

Next, Austin Taylor Photography was appointed official Photographer for the Mirrie Dancers Winter Illuminations project, running right through the winter until March 2010 so, on 22 October it was off to Voe for the first launch party and lighting event. The night started off a bit wet, which meant that the raindrops scattered the lights somewhat but as the weather improved and the rain stopped the overall effect became clearer showing its true colours and originality of thought behind the concept. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the other illuminations over the coming days and weeks.

Towards the end of the month the old Esplanade public toilets in Lerwick were demolished – not the most glamourous event to attend but we managed to snap off a few record shots for posterity – I’m told those toilets won awards in the past!

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