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Busy January

26 January, 2010

January is turning into our busiest month with Mirrie Dancers photos ongoing; a successful trip to Aviemore to photograph the husky races at Glenmore Forest and a day trip to the Highland Wildlife Park at Kingcraig; and just about to enjoy Up Helly-Aa for a full day and night. So February is going to be busy processing several thousand images. As a taster of things to come, here is a couple of images.

Mirrie Dancers Timelapse!

19 January, 2010

Finished uploading all the timelapse movies that I’ve made so far of the Mirrie Dancers project – quite a bit of work! See them all at:

“Austin Taylor Photography” 2009 Art Installations Lights “Mirrie Dancers” “Night Shetland” Tingwall Glasshouse

Reawick Church with Jupiter and crescent Moon

18 January, 2010

This was a quite beautiful site as the sky darkened to a deep blue and the Moon set, dodging the clouds as it went. It was joined by Jupiter, shining brilliantly close by. I had been hoping for a clear sky ever since Roxane told me that the Reawick Church illuminations had been brought forward and wasn’t disappointed. I have posted a timelapse movie of this event on our YouTube channel at to add to those of 2 of the other sites already up.

Reawick Church, Shetland with a conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter

Reawick Church, Shetland with a conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter

Tingwall glasshouse, again

6 January, 2010

Remember the Mirrie Dancers winter illuminations? Well I started work on a timelapse project at the Tingwall glasshouse tonight. Got three sequences and some new stills, snow included. It was pretty cold but not too bad as there was little wind – I met Roxanne (Mirrie Dancers artist) out there charging the batteries with generators because of the lack of wind – that’s dedication! New images and the timelapse movie will be posted here when I’ve done. In the meantime, this coming weekend is your last chance at Tingwall – if you haven’t seen them yet then you should. And if you saw Tingwall before the snow, go again if you can because it’s now quite different.

Winter Wonderland!

6 January, 2010

Well, winter shows no sign of leaving quietly so I thought I’d post a couple of photos to show how photogenic and colourful it has been recently. The trouble with this weather is that it has curtailed some opportunistic travel to take photos to some of the further flung places I’d like to visit but so far this winter I’ve got photos from some places I’ve not been to in the snow before. In amongst a major computer upgrade, tax return and the day job I hope to post a few photos over at real soon…!