The last Snowdrops? And passionate frogs

Well, the Mirrie Dancers project is all done so I can get on with some other stuff. One of this winter’s projects included getting some decent photos of snowdrops – first find them! A quick request and a few folk told me about good displays. The very first I saw were in the first few days of February – in between snowfalls – just a small collection of delicate plants braving the winter and I got one photo of an emerging flower that I am pleased with.

Then we had more snow and travel was curtailed again for a while but a couple of weeks later and a site in Lerwick had a magnificent display. Again I managed to get a nice image, as well as getting cold and muddy from lying on the ground. Just about to go out to another site and then we had more snow again – that took us into March (I think). Well, right up to date and last weekend I got probably the last snowdrops of the year. These were fully open, many even past their best but this location provided good opportunities to photograph them from underneath. See what you think.

Other photos over the past few weeks included the bearded seal in Yell Sound where, at my third attempt, I managed to get a nice shot of him in the water. To round off this little collection of photos here’s a couple of frogs I saw on Sunday – a nice shot for the first day of spring I think.

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