Best Aurora for 2 years

After a tip off I went hunting aurora tonight – I have to get out of town because of the light pollution if I want the best experience so I headed north to a few favourite sites. I got a few photos and enjoyed seeing the aurora again after such a long wait but cloud began to roll in and I thought that would end the display. But as I headed back into town I thought it seemed to be getting stronger again and hoped it might even be bright enough for some in town shots. Sure enough it continued to brighten at silly hours o’clock but I was ready to take a few shots I’ve wanted to get (or improve upon previous attempts) for a while. So here’s just a taster and hopefully I will post more tomorrow. But I might not go to bed even yet because since I got home it’s got really exciting with streaks, flashes, shooting ars and rays; it’s now highly active but not yet a storm. It’s also just green in colour – so far I haven’t been able to discern any other colours.

3 Responses to “Best Aurora for 2 years”

  1. Hugh Harrop Says:

    Hi Austin

    did you use the tone mapping technique for the HDR Auroras? They look great.



  2. 2010 in review « Austin Taylor Photography Blog Says:

    […] Best Aurora for 2 years April 2010 2 comments 5 […]

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