Last of the Winter Illuminations Time-Lapse

Finally, I got around to creating and uploading the time-lapse movies from the Auld Chapel, Longfield, Dunrossness. These were all taken on the same day, 1 March 2010, there was snow on the ground and a beautiful deep blue sky with a few clouds as backdrop. I think these are some of my favourite, partly because my technique has developed over the set, but mostly because of the gentle fade through dusk to dark, especially in video no. 2. Video 1 was slightly spoiled by an artificial light source becoming visible to one side during the take – it wasn’t illuminated at the start, let alone visible, and resulted me in moving the rig for the second series.

I don’t intend to create any more time-lapse movies of the Mirrie Dancers Winter Illuminations project but fully intend to post time-lapse works of other projects in future.  I’ve created a number of time-lapse projects in the past but this series has certainly concentrated the mind and helped develop my technique, both on site and in production.

Best viewed full screen and 480p to see the subtle cloud movements and sky colour change.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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