‘Vyeshch’ a Textile Installation by Hilary Seatter

вау! (Russian for wow!) You must see this. Make your way to the Museum and Archives, pass it and head round to the far end of the Pier Store because you’re in for a treat. As well as (apparently) a rather special coffee machine, that Hilary tells me can’t be had “for love nor money” there is a marvellous and mysterious collection of large scale silk panels. These panels are hanging in groups together such that they appear layered one on another, but – better yet – are transparent so that the bottom one can be seen to create an impression of depth.

Hilary explains “the title ‘Vyeshch’ is a Russian word that means ‘thing’ or ‘object’: a thing with soul, something infused with personality through its history and its personal meaning”. Inspired by and developed from a series of pinhole camera imagery of her coffee machine Hilary has created visual and audio works which play with your senses.

Go and see it soon so that you have time to go again before it finishes on 12 June.

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