Purple orchids in Shetland

I’ve been so busy recently that postings have slipped for a while but I needed to find a photo of an orchid and searched out these from my archives. The first is the Early purple orchid and was photographed at the Keen of Hamar National Nature Reserve in Unst, the others are all Northern marsh orchid, photographed in my back garden in Lerwick, where they’ve been increasing in number since the first one appeared in 2005. The last photo shows that first plant taken in June 2005 and this year I have just counted 12, up from 11 last year. I mow around the orchids so they can grow but also try to leave as long as possible between cuts and also leave patches uncut, so as to encourage flowers. There is quite a range now in the back garden, from daisies and buttercups to orchids, selfheal, many different grasses, some sedges and rushes, cuckooflower, tufted vetch and various others, according to season. Not bad for a town garden that was just a short lawn when I took it over.

One Response to “Purple orchids in Shetland”

  1. Davidina Says:

    Thanks for these Austin – they are a beautiful colour. Gorgeous.

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