Noss in Shetland – what a view!

I go to the small island of  Noss as often as possible and have already had a few trips over this year. But as you can see from the photos below, on one day I had spectacular weather to complete the amazing avian spectacle! If I can be forgiven the tiniest of gripes, it’s that digital cameras have difficulty dealing with the extreme contrast brought about by such intense brightness – but, having said that, it’s a challenge I’m more than happy to rise to – any time!

This was a day in late May or early June and I took an easy stroll up the Noup, stopping to see and photograph a few birds on the way. Two shots I had wanted for a while were one of me watching puffins and a classic shot of the Noup with an azure sky behind; this was my lucky day and I got both. I also got a fair shot of a puffin in flight but that remains on my list to get a better one – maybe next time.

I’ve been to Noss twice since then and hope to be back some more times over the summer. I’ve posted a gallery with other images of Noss over at Austin Taylor Photography

2 Responses to “Noss in Shetland – what a view!”

  1. abby Says:

    Love the puffins phots – gorgeous

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