Face to face with a frog

The plan was to visit various places and people in Northmavine and walk over to the Grind o Da Navir. But the speed at which you make progress is inversely proportional to the number of folk participating and there were 4 of us so we didn’t get it all done but along the way we stopped to check on some Oysterplant, which was still in bloom and had a lovely time visiting Fiona at the Oily Muggie craft shop in Hillswick. After that we admired the view of the Drongs as we had lunch at Breiwick Cafe and then went to the Tangwick Haa Museum. Soon after leaving we happened upon this Lapwing chick, which was causing its parents some concern and then we saw a pair of Whimbrel, which was great.

Much later than planned we parked up at Eshaness lighthouse and set out for a shortish walk over to the broch and Hols o’ Scraada, where a cave collapse has left a chasm linked to the open sea by a 100-metre subterranean passage and there is a nice little waterfall at the other end below some long-abandoned clack mills. At one of the geos was a sizeable patch of Scot’s Lovage but the best part of the day was finding a little frog. At one point I came face to face with him, admittedly through my camera lens!

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