This is a rather belated post for June, with a few photos. I’ve been really busy these past summer months so not had much chance to post photos or update the blog due to various trips south, the Tall Ships visit, very busy with my photography business and, well, just summer stuff. It’s perhaps a good thing that I’ve spent less time in Shetland than I usually do this summer because the weather has been pretty poor here this year. I achieved a few firsts for me this June, including my first trip out to Uyea, where I walsked out one fine day with my daughter. On the way I managed to get a couple of good photos of a Dunlin and, later in the month got my first decent photo of a Shetland bumblebee – though, of course, I’ve seen many of these. I also saw some noctilucent clouds and we visited Unst, where I managed to photograph Muness castle in the sunshine – almost another first!

Also in June we headed south to a wedding of some good friends in Devon and while there captured images of dipper, water boatmen and dunnock; I had previously not photographed any of these before. I’ve also included photos of a few other animals and birds, not all of them wild and some that we saw whilst at the Eden Project.

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