More Autumn wildlife

A last roundup for November, which saw me going to the woodlands at Kergord and visiting some more grey seal pups. Along the way, I saw blackberries, more interesting fungi and some beautiful yellow sycamore leaves. I also saw a sparrowhawk (though it was far too quick for me to photograph) but unfortunately completely failed to see the treecreeper that was in the area at the time. A couple of weeks later I made another visit to see grey seal pups on what turned out to be a fine autumn day, with warm sunshine and a gentle breeze. That was important because it’s really not a good idea to be in a fairly inaccessible place overlooking seals at the bottom of a cliff in a high wind! I had to use quite a long telephoto lens and still crop the photos quite severly to get the frame-filling shots you see here. Finally, a beautiful sunset on the walk back to the car caught my eye oh, and the sparrow was in my garden – of course!

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  1. Vanessa Berrington Says:

    Many wildlife research scientists go on for boating to know about the sea wildlife much better so that exploration can be done.

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