About Us and this blog

Austin Taylor is a freelance photographer based in Shetland, UK; he creates stunning photographic images of Shetland, its wildlife and events as well as photographing in locations further afield. His growing range of travel images from elsewhere in the world is an increasingly important part of his portfolio, with images from places as diverse as some of the remotest parts of Mongolia right through to major European cities. All these images highlight his keen interest in the environment, wildlife, landscape, the built environment, people, events and travel.

Austin’s work has featured in a number of publications including in news media and magazines, on websites and as commissioned art; it has also won several photographic competitions and the business is firmly established in the market, with a growing reputation for the quality of our work. He has also exhibited his work locally and has developed a confident and diverse business based upon his photographic products and services.

Austin is particularly known for his stunning low light, night time, astronomical and aurora photographs and has a special interest in merging many photographs together to create stunning special effects or unusual viewpoints.

This blog is, in part, unashamed promotion of Austin’s business, Austin Taylor Photography but also it’s a place to be a bit more relaxed and informal, with occasional wider thoughts on technique, issues, developing ideas and new products. Please feel free to join in with your comments or suggestions.


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