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A husky called Nik

12 February, 2012

Photo (animated gif): a husky called Nik. Just animated it a few times so it doesn’t annoy you too much! I tried to upload it elsewhere but it doesn’t animate when uploaded to some other sites. Not sure why but I’ll just post it here instead. To see the animation, open the post (click on the heading, “A husky called Nik”) and then click on the picture.

You Choose

4 February, 2010

Just a hint as to why it takes me a while to review all the Aviemore husky images – choose the best from these selections! First, an animation of images taken of one dog sled team then just 9 images zoomed in for review purposes. These are selected from out of over 2000 images taken at the Siberian Husky Club of Greeat Britain Arden Grange Sled Dog Rally at Glenmore Forest, Inverness-shire, 23 January 2010 by Austin Taylor Photography. We took a number of images of each team to ensure that at least one good one is available. First, check the driver has his/ her eyes open then check all dogs are visible and have their eyes open – delete all that fail these tests. Then select the best image, crop and adjust if necessary – later, sort into classes, create the web pages, galleries, enter all titles and – upload! See you again soon.