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Total Lunar Eclipse of a Supermoon!

28 September, 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse just after the start of totality, about 0315 this morning. Also being called a “blood Moon”, because of the colour, and a “supermoon”, due to it being closer to Earth than for most other full Moons. Seeing conditions were poor in Shetland, with cloud obscuring most of the event, apart from some time just before and just after the start of totality. 10 minutes after I took this photo it was obscured again. Because of the cloud it was quite dim and much of the detail of the Moon’s surface is lost but it was still a great sight to see.


Aurora for August!

16 August, 2015

I had been watching all the spaceweather prediction sites for some time, knowing that Aurora season often starts in August and, sure enough, activity was forecast – but it arrived a day early and, unfortunately, during daytime in this part of the world. Nevertheless, I remained hopeful that it would still be active after darkness fell – and that the skies would clear of the heavy rain and thick cloud, as forecast. Well, the clouds cleared nicely but the aurora returned to low levels. So I waited and watched and in the hour before midnight things picked up a little.

Eventually I could see the aurora in town with my own eyes so I decided to go out of town for a better view. It wasn’t a very strong display but the colours were very nice and I managed to get some nice photos with the pre-dawn glow and the developing blue in the sky too. Here’s a panorama I created just before dawn, as I was packing up at Wadbister.

I had plenty of company during my time here – I could hear several seals breathing as they swam past and even saw and heard an otter clearly eating something only about 30 metres away in the sea; it looked like it was on its back, but it was too dim to be sure. The Milky Way was amazingly clear as well and there were a few meteors about too, all in all, an amazing night to be out watching the sky!



31 August, 2011

I’ve got a few photos to add here too!


31 August, 2011

This is just a holding post! See earlier posts. Had a problem with the header image that I’ve now sorted. I’ll be back to update this post soon.