Speaking to each other across the Voe

So there I was, getting my stuff together for another trip to Garths Ness because they’d installed a new lighting installation. Weather was good, it was the weekend, so time pressure was less, all equipment ready and batteries charged. Forecast said snow was going to arrive again in another day or two so time was of the essence. Then, I spotted an update from an old pal to say he was looking forward to the new installation near his house – only about 35 miles from where it was supposed to be! I checked what was going on and there’d had to be a change of plan with a couple of sites pulled out of the reserve list – Houss and Duncansclate. What a great idea, I thought. The Morse code lights particularly intrigued me. Anyway, I postponed my trip that day because they were still working on the installation at that time and went the next day. Anyway, when I got there the next day it was a beautiful evening, not too cold, very little wind and dry. So I got to work with two cameras as usual but this time the illuminations were bright enough to record video as well. With my basic consumer video camera previous illuminations have been too dim and the result hasn’t been a great success but first look back in the studio makes me think we can do something with this. Hopefully we’ll post something soon.

You can see the stills over at
http://www.austintaylorphotography.com/mirrielight.html but here present another time-lapse sequence.

Here’s the time-lapse we’ve put together. I think this one is the best we’ve done so far. We’ve varied the timings of the frame sequences so that the flickering colour based upon the underlying videos is closer to real time than on previous time-lapse movies while the long periods of same or similar colour are much speeded up so as to keep the overall movie to a reasonable time length and ensure the viewer doesn’t get bored. Also, look out for the Morse code being tapped out by the light in the left hand window. Don’t expect to decode it – this isn’t video, remember! See what you think and let us have comments!

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